As much as I love to cook, some days putting dinner on the table is the last thing on my mind until it hits about 3:30 p.m. – then panic sets in. Those are the times I need a panic free quick & healthy dinner right now. Well, Tuesday was one of those days, luckily I was given a package of Modern Table Meals, Southwest Red Lentil Rotini for a review.

Southwest Red Lentil Rotini (2, 4, or 8 Pack) – Modern Table

Trying hard to put the “it was all part of the plan” look on my face, I brought out some frozen turkey (yes, it was still frozen yet somehow I managed the quickest defrost ever), diced it (it cooks faster when it’s diced) and seared it with some light seasoning. Thank goodness I had enough spinach to make a enough salad for everyone (hint, dinners look planned when you add a salad).

dinner's in the bag

Now, that I was no longer in panic mode, I was able to focus on the “review” part of dinner. Modern Table Meals actually contains plenty of protein on it’s own but I decided to add some turkey. This bag contains pasta with veggies and two seasoning packets. Directions are simple….put some water to boil and your dinner is on it’s way.


Once your water has come to a boil, add your pasta/vegetable mix, boil for 8 -9 minutes. In the meantime, add water & some e.v.o.o.(extra virgin olive oil) and mix in your seasoning packet. I left out the chile seasoning since my little girls don’t eat spicy foods.


Once my pasta was done, I added it to my seasoning mixture and my seared turkey. Voila, dinner was done!


So for the taste test, I didn’t say anything to my family about the pasta being made out of Red Lentils. Instead I just waited for everyone’s response. Well, I am so happy to say it was a hit, everyone loved it! My 4 year asked for seconds and then thirds!


My husband and I sprinkled the chile packet on our plates but in the future I would mix it with a little e.v.o.o. so it can be disbursed a little more evenly onto our servings. Ideally adding the chile packet to the seasoning mixture would yield the best taste but beware it’s spicy (but good).

There was plenty for the four of us and we had leftovers. I highly recommend Modern Table Meals. The meal was easy and quick to make, the taste was delicious, the seasoning was spot on and the red lentil pasta was delicious.

Modern Table Meals productsYou can find Modern Table Meals at your local Whole Foods market and guess what – it’s affordable! This product is full of protein, fiber, GMO free, free of any artificial colors or preservatives and it tastes great! Thank you Modern Table Meals, I can’t wait to try the other 3 flavors. These meals will be in my regular dinner rotation. They are  quick healthy dinner options that fit within our budget. I’m sold!


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