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On our recent trip to Yosemite National Park we were fortunate enough to snag up one night at Housekeeping Camp. I was thrilled to be able to stay inside the park, Not only would we save time and money staying here but It would give us the oppurtunity to do some camping during our stay.

Housekeeping Camp allows you to camp while having access to a bed, electricity and a light both inside and outside your tent and the ability to cook and have your meals in your private camp site patio. Staying here was afforadable while giving us a sense of adventure. This also gave me the perfect opportunity to reallocated the money we saved on a staying at a hotel and buying breakfast to add some items to our camping kitchen.

My main concern was saving space, I decided I didn’t want to take along our regular camping stove since I knew that at best I would only be able to make one make one meal upon arrival that night and one meal in the morning. My plan was to take a smaller cooler and a smaller cooktop. I considered purchasing a single burner camp stove but again – buying something compact was my main concern.

I visited my favorite store, REI for some insight and ideas. I talked to one of the always helpful and knowledgable REI associates, he suggested this amazing little cooking stove. It packs up small, sets up easilty and I could fit in my backpack if needed. You never know when I might decide to do a backpacking trip along the Pacific Crest Trail.

After discussing our needs with the REI associate I was sold on the Jetboil Flash. This little stove comes with everything you need to boil water fast in a very small package. The sales associate said he had even cooked hot dogs in it! I could easily see how this stove would be a great addition to our camping kitchen items.

The Jetboil Flash has some additional items you can purchase to make your Jetboil Flash even more versatile. The Jetboil Pot Support allows you to use with the stove with the Jetboil Flux Coffee Press, Jetboil Flux Pot or the Jetboil Flux Pan. The Jetboil Pot Support also gives you the option of using your regular camping pots and pans with it.

Shortly after arriving at Housekeeping Camp, I was able to pull out my Jetboil Flash boil some water, get my girls some hot cocoa and our Freeze Dried dinner ready in a flash (pun intented). At breakfast time, I used it to boil water for our coffee, hot cocoa and again our delicious Freeze Dried breakfast.

Okay, so our regular food is better but the dehydrated food was good. It saved us money, space, time and I didn’t have to wash any pots or pans. You could easily take along some prepackaged homemade oatmeal packets and use the boiled water to make some oatmeal.

I have read that  both the Jetboil Flash Pot Support and the coffee press are highly recommend, two items I just might consider getting for our future camping trips. The stove comes with a an adjustable flame level and an igniter so there’s no need for matches.  The Jet Boil Flash is simple to put together, use, take apart and store.

I boiled 2 cups of water in about 1.30 minutes. The side of the Jetboil Flash has flames which turn a bright yellow when the water is boiling (reviewers said it turns red but my water was ready at yellow).

I can easily see how having this in addition to my regular camping stove can help to make some quick cocoa and coffee while I cook breakfast while camping or when I don’t want to take our regular camping stove. At $99.95 I can say that the Jetboil Flash  is well a made compact cooking stove that I can highly recommend. I gladly give it 5 stars!

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