I received this product from Opal Apples and BzzAgent in exchange for writing a an honest review of this product.


They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well my youngest daughter doesn’t get sick very often and she absolutely loves apples. She goes through 2 to 3 apples a day and unfortunately, sometimes I find half eaten apples, which as you know – become browned. So I was excited to have the opportunity to try Opal Apples. The claim of this apple is that it doesn’t brown after cutting it.

I found Opal Apples at my local Vons Market, they are a large-sized apple that are a bright yellow with a very slight tint of pink. The organic were priced at $3.49 per pound and non-organic were priced at $1.99 per pound.

So I was very excited to get the new apples home but we left for a couple of days and the apples sat in my fridge, then we came home and we had unexpected company for a couple of days, So Test #1 “Taste” became even more interesting. Opal apples have been described as a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Topaz. They have a nice crunchy bite, the sweet white flesh is firm, almost Pear like but it has hints of coconut. This apple is delicious!

Besides the taste test, I had to see if they would brown, I first added them into a fresh fruit salad I made, they were a welcome addition and since we had some fruit salad leftover from lunch we finished them it up at dinner time and the apples still looked great.


The next test was very impressive. I cut some slices up and packed them up for snacks, which we didn’t end up having.  I packed the sliced apples in a small ziplock bag toted them around all day. The next day, I pulled out the sliced apples and they still looked and tasted great!


The apples are costly but if you want to pack some healthy sliced apples for your kids lunch time snack – this is definitely the apple to use. If you want to try some Opal Apples, get out there and get them quick as they are only available from November to March. Opal apples are grown exclusively by Ralph Broetje, Broetje Orchards in Washington State, they are the only U.S. apple to receive a non-GMO label and are sold exclusively in North America by FirstFruits Marketing of Washington.

I seriously put these apples to the test just by being busier then I anticipated. I’m sure my next fresh batch will be even better.

In California Opal Apples can be found at the following merchants:

  • Berkeley Bowl Marketplace
  • Bristol Farms
  • Costco (So Cal)
  • Draegers Supermarket
  • Lunardi’s Supermarkets
  • Mollie Stones Market
  • Piazza’s Fine Foods
  • Safeway
  • Sigona’s Farmers Market
  • Stater Bros.
  • The Fresh Market
  • Trader Joes (select locations)
  • Vons
  • Whole Foods (Nor Cal)

If your outside of Calfornia click here to find Opal Apples.


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