Image by Betty Albert, 12 Moon Box Card Set –


Join me this week as we work with the energy of the Full Moon. We will focus on releasing and making space within our practice.


  • 6:30pm – Refined Flow for the residents of San Sonoma Apartment Homes, Tempe, AZ


  • 6:30pm – Meditative Flow for the residents of San Posada Apartment Homes, Mesa, AZ


  • 9:30am – Morning Flow for the residents of Olympus Steelyard, Chandler, AZ

All Yoga classes are provided FREE for all residents, family and friends. PM for more details.

The Lovely artwork above is by Betty Albert and is part of a beautiful boxed set of 12 note cards. Different moon inspired artwork for each month. This is a lovely gift for yourself or for someone in your life who loves and honors the moon. I am not receiving any commission from sharing the link, nor do I have any relation with the artist, I just fall in love with the set and her work. Take a look her her beautiful art here


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