Bionicos from Torta y Jugos Sahuayo
Bionicos from Torta y Jugos Sahuayo

Bionicos are one of the best street foods in Mexico. I craved this yummy medley of fruits with a creamy sweet dressing topped with coconut, raisins and walnuts during my pregnancies with my two girls.

Just thinking about has me about ready to run out to the store and pick up some sweetened condensed milk. One of favorite food blogs, has a great recipe for this tasty treat in her Why this is one of the best street foods in Mexico?blog post. This simple and delicious recipe uses sweetened condensed milk, I know what your thinking but….every once in while, well you know!

The recipe from provides the traditional version plus a healthier alternative for this sweet yummy milk.

If you’re out and about in the Tustin area give Torta y Jugos Sahuayo a try. Their Bionics included a family recipe for their sweetened milk. It’s not as sweet as the regular sweetened condensed milk and it’s outstanding!

Tortas y Jugos Sahuayo is located at 14520 Newport Ave, Ste B, Tustin, CA 92780. Ohhh, by the way make sure to try their Magoneadas. She gave me sample and it was delicious!