My blog has taken a major step, it is now self-hosted with the help of “Siteground“.

What this means to you…hopefully, there has not been any interruption of service to you. Unfortunately, you may see some of the post from the last few days on facebook, twitter, google+ and tumbler for the second time – I do apologize for that. Today should be the only day this will happen. Also, some posts may have the same picture twice. This will also weed itself for future posts.

Things may look a little different and there are few things that still need tweaking. It’s a work in progress.

Now for the good news! I now have a more freedom to offer things like giveaways, family friendly product reviews and other great deals. You will also see some advertisers on my blog, these ads allow me to continue to grow and offer you some incredible deals. I will not advertise anything that does not fall inline with my own personal values. I also plan on expanding my blog a bit to offer more family friendly content.

Overall, I will be able to offer more to my loyal blog readers.

I want to thank “Siteground” for walking (carrying) me through this process. I am not a “techie” person  but they helped me along, every single step of the way. I might have even made it a little more complicated than it needed to be. They picked up the phone every single time I called (there are real people – employees – working here) and they returned every single email within minutes. Seriously, the customer service has been fantastic!

This blog is like a little baby to me and I’m trying to handle it with care as it grows. My focus is still family friendly nature and science based events with an overall emphasis on social and community issues. I hope you enjoy the changes.

Thank you so much for continuing to support my blog and for being part of my growing project.

Annette, Project Refined Life



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