The events that occurred in San Bernardino yesterday have left me feeling confused, upset and emotionally drained. I lived in San Bernardino, worked in San Bernardino, brought up my boys in San Bernardino. My son, who will forever be 17, rests in a place that overlooks San Bernardino. He was placed in that spot because of his love for San Bernardino. I have family and friends who work and live there. Watching the news yesterday sent me into a panic. As they were naming off streets on the news, I knew exactly who lived or worked on or near the streets being mentioned.

Some of my family, friends and their children were in lockdown mode yesterday. I was texting my family and friends to make sure they were ok and trying to pass along any information that could be helpful. I was praying, stressed and feeling helpless.

Between the explosives, pipe bomb making materials and over thousands of rounds of ammunition found in the home of the couple responsible for this heinous crime, it is obvious that the day was planned. I am not here to debate the points of view between the left and right or to discuss the reason this happened or what we could do in the future to avoid such acts. I am here to remind everyone just how short our life can be. How our choices affect others.

I know all too well how precious life is. How one day can change everything you ever thought you knew. Although It may seem that the main focus of this blog is sharing events, I am here to tell you, it’s not. This “project” or my purpose is to find ways to share “time”. Moments in time that can bring enlightenment to families. To refine your life with mindful events that nurture quality family time, a way to connect with nature and ways to give back. I am trying to focus on events that make a difference in a child’s or an adults overall thinking and feeling, something to help make connections to life.

It would be easy to allow grief to harden you but I am asking you not to allow that to happen. Please remember in the midst of all of this madness we must remain tender, caring and mindful. Mindful of how short and fragile this life is. Treasure the little things. Take joy of the sweet song of a bird in morning, the colors of the leaves in fall, the individual shapes of snowflakes. All of these little things are here for a purpose, everything has its place. Don’t take time for granted. Don’t waste time waiting for the perfect time, there is no such thing.

God bless the families impacted by the these tragic events, my prayers of healing and strength go out to all of them. We must stand together, hold each other up during times like these. It is the little things and tiniest acts of kindness at times like these that make the biggest difference.


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