Friday morning, just as my Weekend Roundup posted. I was checking my site and I got the dreaded 404 error message “Page not Found”. None of my links were working! Well, that quickly sent me into an email sending frenzy and searching forums to find answers to fix the problem.

Like most things that happen in life – a change or revision often comes as a result or realization that something isn’t working properly. I had actually been working an event calendar already so this just forced me make it happen – immediately.

Bottom line is that you can now find all upcoming events in the “Events Calendar” on the sidebar of my blog. Isn’t funny how we have to be pushed into things? Maybe that’s just me.

This means you won’t see my Weekend Roundup anymore as there is no longer a need for it. I hope the new calendar addition will help you schedule your calendar more efficiently as well.

Just keep in mind, this site is a work in progress and I am always forced to learn new things as a result of this blog so don’t be surprised if something looks different in a couple of days.

Oh, by the way – I searched and searched and I fixed the problem myself. My links are all working again and I’ve got this great events calendar as a result – so it’s all good!

Let me know if this is new addition is helpful for you.

Annette РProject Refined Life