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Nothing but Treats for October


It’s the first day of October and Halloween will here before you know it. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about Halloween but this year it’s different, maybe it’s the effect of all these the oils, Bawhahaha (that was my witch laugh).

We’ve even put up our Christmas tree that will transition from now through December as a Halloween Tree to a Thankful Tree to a Christmas tree, this should be fun!


Things to look forward to this month; lots and lots of Halloween events, the new schedule for the  FREE Jr. Chef classes and Technique classes at Williams-Sonoma, some really great Science/Stem events. (Halloween and Science go so well together), and some awesome educational events.

October is also Red Ribbon month, so you’ll also see several posts about Red Ribbon week/month (I already started with a few of those posts), don’t forget about Kidvasion (kids get free, food, rides and admission)  all over in San Diego this month.

And of course you’ll get to hear all about my Essential Oils and adventures in Girl Scouting. So, get ready because all of my volunteer hats are on!



An Ounce of Prevention…

Benjamin Franklin said it best “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

This is the quote that comes to mind for me when I hear about the highly contagious Enterovirus 68. Symptoms include coughing, wheezing and low blood oxygen levels (hypoxemia). The symptoms can be severe, in particular for those children who suffer from asthma. It has already affected children in over 12 states with over 900 confirmed cases in Colorado alone.

Enterovirus 68 spreads through coughing, sneezing, or by touching things or people  who have been infected. So far, the only confirmed cases been children. I’m not going to wait to see if my children are affected, I’m taking action now!

Here’s my plan:

  • I started today by applying On Guard Essential Oil blend onto my girls feet (3x times a day).
  • I placed an order for On Guard Beadlets and A2Z Chewables. As soon as they arrive my girls will start taking those every morning.
  • I’ll be preparing some On Guard Hand Cleanser/Sanitizer for my daughter’s backpack and my purse.
  • I am cleaning everything in my home with On Guard cleaner.
  • I am diffusing On Guard and Breathe.
  •  I am applying Breathe on their chest and back. I will add Frankincense on top of Breathe (if needed).



This threat is serious and spreading quickly. God gave us these “Gifts of the Earth” and I will be taking every precaution I can.





S’more $1.00 books, $1.00 coffee and the word please.

On Sunday, before heading to church we made a visit to the One Dollar Book Store  in Lake Forest. Its was great! They have a wide selection of books, novels, cookbooks, comics, some DVD’s & videos.


Be prepared, you have to search. Everything is organized by genre however at this time only novels are organized by author. My daughters made themselves at home, took a seat and looked through the books. My oldest daughter scored some American Girl books, my youngest wanted a bible and I found a great little book on Aromatherapy/Essential Oils. We could have stayed there much longer but we had to get to church. I can’t wait to visit again.


 When we arrived at church we were greeted by the heavenly scent of coffee from Frijolitos Mobile Coffee truck. We quickly decided to take in services outside on the comfy chairs and enjoy a cup of coffee. My husband and I both had the “Mariachi Loco” coffee drink. We were pleasantly surprised when they told us all coffee drinks were only $1.00! I love a deal.

As it turns out, Frijolitos will be there every Sunday at the 6 pm service with drinks priced at $1.00! Life is good. Back to our Sunday, the message was incredible and at the end of service we had yet another surprise. They turned on the fire pits and had smore’s kits for everyone. Families were able to enjoy the evening, make s’mores and fellowship. It was a wonderful evening and I wouldn’t mind having s’more Sundays just like it.