The world is need of more healed people as well as healers. With this in mind, I strive on keeping a limited number of need-based sliding scale healing appointments and classes available.

If you are interested in working with me or you have to desiree to answer the calling to become a healer and doing so would be a financial strain, I ask that you reach out to me. We can discuss and decide together between a genuine need for the service or perhaps a reduced fee. Please understand that the conversations maybe a bit uncomfortable as we would be discussing finances but I need to assure that those genuinely in need of these reduced fees have availability to them while respecting the work I do.  

Be assured that all of the information discussed will be completely confidential . These service are strictly reserved for those who truly need the help. If you do not qualify for the sliding scale, we may still be able to work out a payment plan option or a package at a discounted rate for said services.

Thank you for your honest exchange of energy!