Yesterday was the New Moon. I’ve been very busy lately finishing up unfinished project’s and courses that I need to complete prior to the years end. I know how important it is to honor each new phase (New Moon) and set your intentions for the next phase, with this mind, I walked away from my desk to set up my space.

I gathered crystals, candles and essential oils to prepare for my usual New Moon meditation/ritual. As I sat, my mind continued to wander. My mind was spinning with the things I need to accomplish, the time, dinner, etc. etc. It became very clear to me I need to walk away and continue when I was rested and calm.

Last night, my family and I went out to enjoy some holiday lights at the beautiful Riparian Preserve. At this beautiful display of lights, The nature preserve and lakes take center stage.  The trail glows with simple tea lights in paper bags as you stroll upon various holiday decor delicately placed along the trail. It’s simple and balanced, doesn’t overload the senses.  I always take plenty of pictures of the places we go but the picture that stood out the most was of some cactus. The cactus was picking up the light  of some of the other displays, the cactus stands proudly in night sky. Simple and beautiful.

I always come back to this concept. Keeping things simple and uncomplicated works best for me. The more elaborate or drawn out practice is makes my head spin. One of my continued and ongoing intentions for this month is “KEEP IT SIMPLE”.  I’m giving myself space for “simple”. I will take the help where I need it and accept it with a smile. This approach is the difference between doing and not doing.

That picture, that moment resonated with me. This morning, with the simplicity of the picture in mind.  I decided I would sit and just turn on a YouTube video…a quick one! I needed a quick, simple but delicious moment to be thankful for the last 30 days and set my new intentions. I cleared my space with sage and grabbed a simple tea light candle. With no crystals in hand, no oils to inhale. I sat with my trusty cup of coffee nearby. Listening to the short and simple guided but meaningful New Moon Meditation. This is exactly what I needed. Later on, I’ll put some notes in my journal and allow this to be enough.

Think about how and where you can gain simplicity in your life. Where can you hand things over? Where can you relax a little to find more space? Take the time to take a deep breath, these moments help you help to slow you down and find clarity.

Wishing you a simple and peaceful day, filled with gratitude and love,



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