Over the last couple of weeks (with the advice of my 7 year old daughter), I changed the background, added a personalized banner and Logo. I hope you like the new look of my blog.

Although I do love the new banner, be prepared – things WILL change, not today and maybe not tomorrow but it will happen. As with life, I know that this blog will undergo many changes as time goes on and I continue to learn. My only wish is that I would have taken pictures of my blog when I started it. To document the changes, it’s always so nice to look back at.

Am I relating the change in this blog’s appearance to life? Yes I am. This blog is forcing me to grow, to learn things I would never have dreamed  that I needed or wanted to know. It’s forcing me to come out my comfort level and keep moving forward – mistakes and all.  

It important not to stay stagnant. Continue to learn and find new interest. Read about it, study it and apply it. Just because you started off one way doesn’t mean you need to stay stuck. Never stop growing and thank you for joining me as I grow.



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