The Ecology Center in Irvine Presents: Indoor Edible Gardening

Edible Indoor Gardening

Valuable nutrition can be obtained from growing food indoors. You can produce high yields of sprouts from a variety of heirloom seeds in a matter of days with minimum time and effort invested. You can extend the harvest season with a variety of vegetables and herbs grown in efficient container mediums. And most sustainably, you can watch your food magically regrow itself by upcycling your food scraps.

Indoor edible gardening allows you to control what goes into growing your food. By growing your own food you contribute to the reduction of the waste and pollution associated with the industrial agriculture mass production and distribution practices.

Learn how to choose the right heirloom (non-gmo) seed and vegetable varieties and gain hands on instructions on the materials and tools to use for maximum yield from your indoor edible garden. You will get to take home a variety of seeds to sprout! (Please bring a wide-mouthed jar to get your sprouting ready!).


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