I just read an article that shows a picture of the latest LEGO magazine giving girls beauty/hair cut advice to girls (my daughter hasn’t received hers yet this month) as provided by the LEGO Friends.

Image from parenting.blogs.nytimes.com
Image from parenting.blogs.nytimes.com

Yes, these little plastic LEGO Friends are giving beauty tips to our girls. Now, just off memory alone, as a child – when I played with LEGO’s it was just, playing building and imaging. Never did I look to LEGO’s for an idea of how should get my haircut as a child, I don’t even remember being concerned with that.

Ok LEGO – here is some advice for you: maybe you can try to give girls some creative play ideas about creating, engineering and constructing after all isn’t that what LEGO is supposed to be about?

My daughter loves getting her magazine from LEGO. Now, I’m going to have to go through it prior to letting her have it. I don’t want my girls thinking about what shaped face she has and you LEGO Friends shouldn’t be putting those thoughts in her head. If that’s what we can expect in your magazine’s LEGO – they are going in the trash. I seriously thought LEGO understood the magnitude of their mistake with the Friends line. I am very disappointed in you LEGO.

Beauty Tips fr Girls, from LEGO by Sharon Holbrook via New York Times.


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