A huge part of refining my life is my involvement with Girl Scouts. I am the leader of the a Brownie troop with 11 awesome Brownies (we just had one girl quit Girl Scouts due to a conflict in her schedule). I also serve as the Registrar, GSI Liaison and Lead Organizer for my Service Unit. Girl Scouting has forced me to come out of shell. I was not shy before but after I lost my son, I withdrew. My circle was very tight. It has also given me the opportunity to meet some awesome women and completely inspiring girls. Girl Scouting does so much for a girl (and this Mom). Girl Scouting is another thing I do not want my girls to be without. 

 My Girl Scout troop has been very busy this year. Between running my troop and the positions I serve for in my service unit, I am a bit tired at this point in the year. My troop is currently working on their Take Action Project for their Brownie Quest Journey, so there is no slowing down now. At our meeting we planned how we would execute our Take Action Project to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. Also, to honor our very special troop Mom’s (who are also awesome) the girls made cards and lip scrub. We put them in these sweet little jars I found at Michael’s (on sale with a coupon, of course).

The girls were having a great time making the cards so I adjusted the meeting and gave them more time to keep creating. These girls are so creative, one girl drew an amazing picture of a quail and another made this really cute pop up card. When I told the girls we were making a lip sugar scrub, they all looked a bit puzzled but they loved making the scrub. They enjoyed the freedom my co-leader and I gave them to fill and decorate the cute little jars. They also starting “testing” the scrub and saying that it tasted good.

It was a great meeting. Just within the last few meeting I have let the girls enjoy the moment a bit more by not being so strict with my time line. I have also learned to put a little less on the agenda. If we don’t cover that last badge requirements, it’s okay. We’ll get it next time. They all enjoyed the meeting and making these sweet little gifts for their Mom’s.

This is the basic outline of our meeting:

Pre-meeting: Mothers Day Cards

Opening: Flag, Promise and Law


  • In a Brownie ring discuss our upcoming tour of Ronald McDonald House
  • Discuss field trip to Mini Horse Camp


  • Read Chapter 4,5 & 6 of the girls book
  • Discuss our TAP

Craft: Mother’s Day Gifts & finish up Mother’s day cards/notes

Snack time

Closing/Badges/Friendship Circle


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