potterbadgeFor our second meeting of the Girl Scout Year, my Brownies earned their Potter Badge. This is one of the things the girls elected to do with the money they earned from cookie sales.

We visited Muddy’s Studio to complete this badge. This was a great introduction to the art of clay and creating pottery.

The steps of the badges are as follows:

1. Find some Pottery

2. Get to know Clay

3. Make a simple Pot

4. Make an Art Piece

5. Paint and Glaze

Muddy’s Studio is true professional ceramic studio. Muddy’s Studio a 5,400 square foot, fully equipped studio. We saw some beautiful creations, gorgeous pottery, sculptures and children’s art work.


 To earn their badge my Brownies where each given a ball of clay, they where able to play with clay, get familiar with the feel and the smell of the clay and make some basic shapes. The teacher then proceeded with directing the girls on how to make a pinch pot. Each girl was to complete the process on their own and they all did great!

Next, they turned their inch pots into decorative animals. they each created legs, and faces and attached them to their pinch pots. It is amazing how creative all my Brownies are. Next, they painted their creations. Some with very muted colors are others where filled with colors. The entire process took about two and half hours. Their projects will be ready to pick up in about two weeks, I can’t wait to the finished products.


Clay has been around for thousands of years. People who study history have found ancient clay art and everyday objects. Work your way through these steps to become a clay artist yourself.

From Brownie  – WOW

The purpose of this badge is that once earned, they will be able to make their own projects out of clay. Consider this badge successfully completed!



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