So here it goes…lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed. Between all of the volunteer hats I have taken on, being a mother, homework, trying to home school my 4 year old, trying to keeping up the with house, cooking, etc, etc, etc., I am definitely over whelmed with “to do’s”.

As a direct result of my “Yes, I can help” attitude I now must learn to come from a “No, I’m sorry I can’t” place.  I must learn to take time out for me. I was looking over my last few weeks and didn’t see any “me” time anywhere.  I must learn to say “no” to opportunities to help or volunteer with anything else (my plate is full), I must learn to ask for help and back out of commitments that will put me over the edge.  I must learn to focus on the things and volunteer opportunities that bring out the best in me without cutting my self short.


As God’s timing is perfect, I just happened to find this post from, I think I’ll print this out and put it on my forehead through out my home.

30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself.


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